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pianist, composer and writer

Paul Levy has studied piano since age 11. He obtained a Bachelor of Theory and Composition in Music from Northwestern University in Evanston in 1974.

In his teen years, he played music jobs in the Catskill mountains in hotels and restaurant/bars. Later in his 20’s he composed for, played in and directed a small group of musicians for religious festivals in a religious organization called Sabaean Religious Order. Since then, he has mainly been composing music for piano, voice and keyboard.

Recently, one of his original religious songs was utilized on Good Friday Service at a local Catholic Church.

The Music

Paul’s music includes short piano pieces, sonatas and a selection of songs with different instruments from piano and guitar to maracas.

All piano is performed by Paul Levy.

All music is also by Mr. Levy, except for Between Night and Never in the Mystical Collection.


Short Piano Pieces

13 short piano pieces written by Paul Levy.


Piano sonata in 4 movements in e minor

The Mystical Collection

A collection of stories by Paul & various artists.